Cereal Is Good

What? : Home made cereals.

How? : Take main ingredient (whatever is being rated and reviewed,) add milk, and enjoy.  Or                   don't...it     depends.

When? : Whenever I get a new idea or, more likely, when I get really bored.

Why? : See above.

*  I consider these things cereal, because I believe that anything in a bowl, with milk, is cereal.

*  Ratings are out of 5


Graham Crackers (Cinnamon and Honey)

Comments : This was actually pretty good. It tasted better than Golden Grahams, and didn't get soggy     that fast.

Rating : Honey - 4.5, Cinnamon -4

Vanilla Wafers

Comments: This was pretty bad. It was really sweet, and turned into mush really fast.

Rating  : 2

Apple Newtons

Comments : This was okay. It didn't get that soggy, cause they're not supposed to be crunchy anyway. Tasted peculiar though.

Rating : 3.5

Cheez Its

Comments : This was disgusting. I don't know what I was thinking.

Rating : 0


Comments : This wasn't bad. The milk turned funky colors, and they didn't get soggy.

Rating : 3

Chips Ahoy!

Comments : Cookies and milk, pretty basic.

Rating : 4


Comments : This sucked.

Rating : 1


Comments :  Excellent cereal.  I'm surprised they don't make one already...

Rating  : 4.5

Crunch 'N Munch

Comments :  Pretty good, but a little salty.

Rating : 3

Oyster Crackers

Comments :   Decent, but not that much flavor.  Didn't get soggy that fast.

Rating : 2.5


Comments :  This were very good.  Much better than that crap cereal they put out now.

Rating :  5

Animal Crackers

Comments :  Not bad, but not great.  They're better off without the milk.

Rating : 3


Comments :  I like Rolos, but they weren't that good with milk.

Rating : 3

Rold Gold Pretzels

Comments :  I have learned my lesson.  Salty cereals are bad.

Rating : 2

Wheat Thins

Comments :  These weren't as bad as I was expecting, but that's not saying very much.

Rating : 3

Peanut M&Ms

Comments :  Too hard, and didn't really taste any different, they just tasted like wet M&Ms

Rating : 3

Kit Kats

Comments :  These were good, they didn't get soggy and tasted pretty nice.

Rating : 4

Strawberry Gushers

Comments :   Not bad, it kind of tastes like chewy Fruity Pebbles.

Rating :  3

Apple Cinnamon Mini Rice Cakes

Comments :   It tasted like puffed rice cereal, but better.

Rating :  3.5

Planter's Mixed Nuts

Comments :   This is probably the most unhealthy cereal ever.  It wasn't that good either.

Rating : 1.5

Chewy Spree

Comments :  It's usually not a good idea to make cereal out of things that already aren't crunchy.   

                     Although I doubt regular Spree would bring much joy either. 

Rating :  3

Sour Patch Fruit Salad

Comments :  Dear God.  Ugh.  I love this candy, but UGH.  The milk challenged Cheez-Its for worst


Rating :  1

Snackwell's Mini Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Comments :  Very excellent.  And health conscious.  Sort of.

Rating :  5


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