These are all pages that I highly recommend.  In fact, I guarantee that you will enjoy these sites.  If you do not, feel free to mail me and I will send you a personalized apology.  And now, on to the excitement....


Zug - The web's first comedy site

Candy Blog - People as obsessed with candy as I am.  Except their site is prettier and more coherent.

The Onion - Funniest site around.  It's an online newspaper, go there.

Carousel of Progress - John's emotions - REVEALED

The Perry Bible Fellowship - Cartoons with a beautiful shell and an evil center.

Toothpaste for Dinner - Daily Drew Drawings.

The Lonely Island - Princes of awkward and / or ridiculous comedy.  Also the potential saviors of SNL.

Old School - See how this site used to be even worse than it is now.

Red Meat - If you laughed at that "I sort glass" McDonalds commercial, you'll like this comic strip.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks - The site is dead now, but the archives are well worth it.

National Kriss Kross Day  - Contains info on National Kriss Kross Day.  I urge everyone to participate in the festivities.

Games.com - I play Scrabble here all the time, I'm addicted.  Maybe you shouldn't go here.

Judith's Thea Page - I think this is the only site dedicated to the greatest show ever : THEA.  It's dead for some reason, but I refuse to delete this link.

Neil Hamburger - America's Funnyman's own site.  Go here.

Prindle Reviews - This has a review of every Neil hamburger project.  Very informative.

The Beverage Network - Reviews new drinks to come out, as well as old, forgotten ones. 

Universal Excitement - Chock full of information about Universal Studios.

All Ears Net - A wonderful site for information on all things Disney resorts.

Strange New Products - Pretty Self Explanatory.


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