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Since my inhumanly frequent updates on this site make me something of a modern day Martin Luther, I thought it would be in this site's best interest to have its next update elsewhere.  I wouldn't want to spoil that wonderful "every month or so" updating prowess I'm known for.


So here's a breakdown of the situation.  Since there's no pictures on this page, I figured it would be in everyone's best interest to break up the text as much as possible.


Good News: There is a new article!  I guess that's good news, anyway.  Depends who you ask.


Bad News: It's not here!


Good News:  Finding the article will be like a scavenger hunt!


Bad News:  No it won't.  I'm going to provide you with a link.


Good News:  The article is on!


In all (some) seriousness, I do find it pretty awesome that I was actually asked to write an article for Zug.  I've been reading that site for well over a decade, and it literally is the first comedy site ever on the web.  They say it is, anyway, and I trust them.  Because if I didn't trust them, I'd have to go research who actually was the first comedy site, and that could take like, at least three or four minutes.


So now, off you go.  You must now leave the warm confines of this domain onto another, more successful, site:


The Aloe Vera Juice Experiment!


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