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I think I like Rice Krispies.

They're certainly not a bad cereal, not by any stretch.  But they're one of those "What's the point?" cereals.  Cereals you eat if they are around, and probably like a fair amount, but if you're making choices at the supermarket you would pick from many other superior choices.

Especially plain Rice Krispies.  These are good with sugar sprinkled on them, but then the sugar sinks to the bottom (especially if you eat out of quart sized Wonton soup containers like I do) and the remainder of the milk is a sugary sludge.  Which sounds better than it really is.

The sugar distribution was solved by releasing Frosted Rice Krispies.  These are great.  Each of the Krispies is coated with a layer of sugar, to maximize the surface-area-to-sugar ratio.  The old box was great too, everything was icy and snow covered and Snap, Crackle, and Pop had ski caps on.

Which reminds me of a story that proves I used to be so much cooler.  When going on trips with my family, we would always get those packs of little cereal boxes.  That marked the beginning of the trip: still having good varieties left (before having to resort to Corn Flakes or plain Cheerios) and new Archie digests to read.  Anyway, since those variety packs don't give you much cereal for the price, my parents decided it would make more sense to just get me a regular box of cereal, which should keep me entertained for a while.  I chose Frosted Rice Krispies, which doesn't make sense, as it's not a convenient cereal to eat with your hands.  I sit in the back seat with the box, open it, and go to grab the prize from the bottom.  While doing this, I proceeded to accidentally pour the entire box of cereal onto my lap, the seat, and the floor of a car crowded with luggage.  Awesome.

Problem is, Frosted Rice Krispies have reached Boo Berry levels of obscurity.  Except Frosted Rice Krispies don't become more prevalent around Halloween.

Cocoa Krispies are also awesome.  That's all I can really saw about them. Rice Krispies Treats cereal is awesome as well. Marshmallow Krispies were stupid. 

Which brings me to the subject at hand: Berry Rice Krispies.  I don't know how long these have been around; I've only seen them in the past few weeks.  I don't know how you could miss them, the box is an extremely garish pink-purple hue.  It's actually a great looking box.  The "Berry" lettering in a nice Comic Sans, the colors, the always happy elves... it's a solid look.  Except for the back, which is a crude drawing of a neighborhood street entitled, "What's berry fun in Berry Town".  I'm mostly upset because it stole my line, either saying that the cereal was or wasn't berry good.

Which begs the question, if Berry Rice Krispies are, indeed, berry good (Yes! it is still totally funny when I use it).

The answer, somewhat surprisingly, is yes.  They are berry good.  This cereal had the potential to be disastrous, but succeeds quite well.  Upon opening the box, I was wary... there was a very overpowering artificial berry scent.  The cereal is also a little unattractive.  I was scared by the artificial smell, but I do like artificial colors, in which it was slightly lacking.

My journalistic integrity forced me to proceed.

Final verdict is, it is quite good, and I would definitely get it again.  The key to it's not-terribleness is the fact that it isn't 100% berry Krispies.  It's 65% berry Krispies and 35% plain Krispies (these are scientific figures), which keeps the flavor from crossing the line from berry good to berry bad (it's still funny).

So go out, buy a box, eat it, and put the gorgeous box on display above your mantel.  If a guest comments badly on it, inform them that they have berry bad taste.  If they don't appreciate your pun, ask them to leave.