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When Disney bought Marvel, there was a lot of concern.  It was mostly stupid concerns, usually akin to "Now Mickey Mouse is going to become a part of the Avengers LOLOL aren't I original?"  But there were some genuine issues raised over Disney's handling of Marvel licenses, especially in the cinematic realm.


I wasn't worried about any of this.  Until now.  Thanks to Disney and Marvel's synergy, the new Avengers cereal sucks.



I wouldn't have expected Avengers cereal to be some ground breaking cereal, with all sorts of new marshmallow technology, or anything.  But I would have hoped it wouldn't literally be the same cereal as Frozen's cereal, with a few marshmallow dye changes.


Since you most likely already forgot, I hated the Frozen cereal.  The one saving grace that cereal had was a truly nice looking box.  Avengers doesn't even have that - it's perfectly serviceable for what it is, but it's nothing particularly good.


The box also specifies it's a "Hero Edition".  One would assume that a Villain Edition can't be far behind, but I don't know how popular a weird-looking Ultron Prime box would be.  If they fill the box with his much better looking drones, then that could work.


It's also possible they're saving the Villain Edition for later on, in case they put a villain on the box that's meant to be a surprise in the movie.  In any case, I won't be buying the Villain Edition.



The marshmallows in Avengers cereal are pretty good looking.  I assume they're meant to symbolize various members' uniform colors.  But the odd shades of the marshmallows hinder this comparison.  Though I wouldn't mind seeing Avengers 3 with Captain America in a teal and magenta uniform, or a pink and yellow Iron Man.


If you think of the marshmallows as round Bonkers candies, they look more appealing.


Other than the marshmallow color change (and removing the diamond-shaped marshmallows), this is Frozen cereal.  Same cheap cereal pieces with the weird and vaguely unpleasant fake vanilla aftertaste.



On the bright side, if you stick with it like Calvin eating Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs to get his beanie, you can eventually get a free movie ticket.  The movie ticket requires six boxes of Avengers cereal, unlike Calvin's four boxes - so he got the better deal.  But for about $18, you can get six boxes of cereal and a ticket to see the movie.


That's probably a pretty legit deal if you have a kid who will eat anything with Iron Man on it, or you are a fan of bad cereals.


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