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DC either likes to give off the attitude of being the morose cinematic Yang to Marvel's more lighthearted Yin, or they just don't seem to do much about fighting that reputation.  Given their more stone faced attitude, the fact that they are bringing out a dynamic duo (comic reference!) of cereals to promote Batman Vs. Superman is something of a plot twist from DC.


I hadn't actually heard that this was coming out.  Not to brag, but I spend a fair amount of time online reading about comics, comic movies, and cereal.  So seeing the boxes on the shelf was a very nice surprise.  Especially because the boxes look awesome.



Take a moment to look at these boxes.  LOOK AT THEM.  Now, notice anything missing?  That's right, they didn't even put the name of the cereal on the box.  DC said, "The Superman and Batman logos are so iconic, if you don't know what they are, you are dumb and we hate you."  And they are completely right.


There's no need for a "Batman vs. Superman : Breakfast at Dawn" or any other cereal name.  When you're browsing the cereal aisle and BAM there's a gigantic Bat (on the box, not a real one - that would probably ruin the mood), you'll know exactly what's up.


Bear in mind, my as-always terrible photography does the boxes no (cough) justice.  The boxes are textured, to simulate the Kevlar weave of the Bat suit, and the Kryptonian hope whatever of Superman's suit.  In hand, the boxes look - and whatever I'm using this word to describe a cereal box I don't care - gorgeous.


Once you get past the visual awesomeness, you see the two flavors : Caramel Crunch and Chocolate Strawberry.  Hm.  Not super exciting, but we'll see how this goes.



I started with Batman first, because the flavor seemed more interesting (like the character).  Opening the box, the cereal smells... sort of awful.  Like cough medicine.



The cereal pieces do an admirable job of looking like bats.  Not the high tech cereal advancements I had hoped would be achieved by the 21st century, but still - batty enough.



Thankfully, the cereal tastes better than it smells.  That being said, it only tastes okay.  It has the mediocre chocolate flavor of Cocoa Puffs, with a weird berry aftertaste.  I guess they were going for a chocolate covered strawberry flavor, given that Batman Lives For Love, but it's an odd choice and an odd flavor.


At least the color / flavor has more to do with Batman than the 1989 Batman cereal, so credit for that, I guess.


Overall, it's not a great eating experience, but not a bad one.  The resulting milk was maybe a 3/10 chocolate level.



Superman's cereal is even more in line with typical "Here you go, a licensed cereal - enjoy" thinking.  While Batman's wasn't anything too out of the ordinary, they at least didn't just make it chocolate.  But Superman gets a blah caramel-flavored cereal.



On the bright side, the S shields are decently done, but other than that it's an incredibly dull looking bowl of cereal.  Using a yellow bowl probably didn't help with the contrast, either.



The cereal is standard caramel cereal - it tastes better than you'd expect, but is nothing interesting.


Unfortunately, once the cereal leaves the box, these two varieties are nothing special, or particularly good.  Those boxes, though.  It's worth buying these cereals just to have them to look at on your shelf. 


[insert seal of approval for the boxes here]


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