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Feel free to head on over to the review of Pumpkin Spice M&M's for a refresher on my ambivalence towards M&M's.  Then, I guess, come back here, since telling a reader to go somewhere else in the first sentence probably isn't a great tactic.


Despite this just being another seasonal M&M's flavor, the concept of "new flavor!!!" supersedes the blandness of M&M's, and still manages to pique my interest.



One of the most noticeable aspects of the packaging is Red's weird, almost lewd gesture.  I'm not sure why I'm sexualizing his facial expression and suggestive point.  But what other reasoning would there be to point at a gingerbread man like that?  You wouldn't slyly tell someone "Hey, guess what I've got.  Shh - not so loud!  This is a secret!"  It's just a lazily-decorated cookie.


I'm not particularly surprised by the perverted gestures of Red on the packaging, since based on their commercials, the M&M's lead very deviant lifestyles.  They are lusted after at parties, where humans either want to mate with them or simply consume their insides.  Then when the parties they apparently frequently attend get extra wild, they proceed to rip off their own flesh and dance.  Sickening beasts.


So before even trying the candy, I was a little put off.



There's also the matter of - do you know what gingerbread-flavored treats taste good?  Gingerbread.  You know what gingerbread-flavored treats taste mediocre to bad?  Mostly everything else that's gingerbread-flavored.


Still, I was grateful the flavor wasn't "Egg Nog" (especially since that would probably white chocolate-based - UGH).



The Gingerbread M&M's come in three colors - red and green for Christmas, and brown for the gingerbread.  Or there was just a surplus of brown at the factory.


Immediately, the flavor just sends signals to my brain saying, "Something is different, and I don't understand if this is good or bad."  There's some chocolate, and shortly after some gingerbread spices.  But what is really confusing me is there seems to be some notes of something savory.  Like at the factory they thought, "What's in gingerbread, again?  Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove... poultry seasoning?  That's in there, right?"


It's not an overtly savory flavor - M&M's didn't release the equivalent of a Jones soda novelty flavor.  There's just enough of a hint of it to make you uneasy.


After about five of them, I was sort of wishing I didn't have an entire bag left to consume.  This is where I get to look like a generous person, by leaving out a candy dish filled with them.  People will get to enjoy / politely consume these, all while ingesting germs from everyone else who has touched them - win win!


If you want a good "wintery" M&M, Mint Chocolate M&M's are the go-to.  Gingerbread are a pass.


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