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Nope, sorry, definitely not a second article in one week. 


This update is simply a public service announcement.


The band you have only heard one song by, Harvey Danger, has just released a new album, "Little by Little".  And this album is so bad ass and amazing, that they are willing to let you hear the entire thing for free, see the liner notes for free, and let you have pretty much everything except for the freaking jewel case for free.  The catch?  Nothing.  I don't think there is one, anyway.  Maybe it's like a forward; if you like the album, you have to tell ten people about it.  Actually, that's a pyramid scheme, I think.


Since I so rarely recommend music on here (especially since I realized I'm really bad at reviewing CDs and stopped that a few years back,) you should realize that this update is extra special.  Just know that this album is really good, so be prepared:  if you don't like you have your face melted off (metaphorically speaking) by fantastic pop music, maybe you shouldn't listen.  And "pop" is not a dirty word; the Beatles were pop, so were the Smiths, so are Depeche Mode. 

You can get the album here:


 If you like the album, please buy it, because I really want them to have enough money to make another incredible album.

Just listen.



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