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Pixar is no stranger to the licensed cereal.  They've made Toy Story 3, The Incredibles, Cars, Cars 2, Buzz Blasts, and probably more (I think knowing those off the top of my head is shameful enough.)


So seeing another Pixar cereal isn't a surprise, but it is a welcome addition.



Monsters University is Pixar's newest sequel, allowing fans to chant their mantra of "please be more like the Toy Story 2 and 3, less like Cars 2."


The packaging for Monsters University cereal looks fantastic.  You can see the box's shade of blue from the end of the aisle.  Then, of course, Mike and Sulley jump out.  It was kind of a missed opportunity to have Mike at the bottom-right of the box, and not cover his face with something, like the ending of Inc. 


But I guess there's something to the logic of "don't cover up a well-recognized Pixar character for the sake of a small inside joke."


Despite the recent victories of vanilla cereals, my reaction to seeing "Vanilla Flavored" is still, "meh".  While vanilla is a good flavor for many things, there's a reason it's a synonym for boring.



The marshmallows look pretty good, for cereal marshmallows.  They won't win any prizes for detail, but one is a bright green circle with a big white center, and one is a vaguely head-shaped teal with purple ears.  I can figure out what they are meant to be.  So for a cereal marshmallow, that is a huge feat.


I'm not entirely sure what the cereal pieces are meant to be - paws?  In any case, they're pale and strangely oversized.



The cereal's taste is... okay.  The overall flavor is sort of a muted sugary taste, with maybe a hint of fake vanilla.  It's not bad, and I will finish the box instead of pouring it into my dog's treat bag like I do with some really weak cereals I've had.


And while the limited nature of this cereal somewhat takes this decision out of my hands, I wouldn't get it again.  It's unmemorable and mediocre as a cereal.


But they got me to buy a box, simply by being a licensed cereal.  So the magic of licensing lives on!



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