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Sometimes, although extremely rarely, good things actually happen in life.  I had read on The Beverage Network that Coca Cola was releasing new flavors of the best beverage that is possible for mankind to make, Fresca.  I was overwhelmed with emotion.  Mixed emotions.  Would the new flavors be an improvement on the original, or would they just be bastardized versions of it?  And, worst of all, were they changing the original recipe?

After I had steadied myself, I read on.  No, the original recipe would not be changed.  The two new flavors were a black cherry and a peach.  Black cherry, I really don't care about.  It doesn't even sound like something that would go well; black cherry with grapefruit?  No.

Peach, on the other hand, now we're talking.  I am of the opinion that peach is almost always one of the best flavors of anything, and is also highly underappreciated.  I am also of the opinion that if you don't think so, you are wrong.  Peach Fresca is not only something that sounded like it could work, it sounded like it would be really good.

All of this, I thought, was meaningless, since for some reason none of the good new sodas can be found around me.  Mountain Dew Pitch Black II?  It's everywhere.  New Frescas?  Nowhere to be found.

Then one day while shopping in Waldbaum's, there it was.  I was, again, overwhelmed with emotions.  But no mixed emotions were to be had here.  Only good ones.  The Peach Fresca was within my grasp.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the black cherry variety (that's not unfortunate, really, it just seemed like an appropriate way to start that sentence.)  They also had normal Fresca, but that was no surprise.  Coke finally got its act together and put both bottled and canned Fresca into widespread circulation.  They didn't have cans of the peach flavor, which I prefer, but I eagerly bought the bottled version anyway.

As for the actual taste?  It's really good.  It doesn't taste like Fresca with a peach flavoring, it tastes like the peach is actually a part of the Fresca recipe itself.  Considering this is a zero calorie drink, the flavor integration is done especially well.  Fresca has always been one of the best tasting zero calorie drinks, mainly because it doesn't taste diet.

I don't know how well this will fair, if only for the fact that I don't know how well Fresca sells in general.  While I won't drink this as much as I drink regular Fresca, I will definitely add this into the rotation. 



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