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Apparently, 2013 was a down year for Christmas cereals.  We still had Christmas Crunch holding down the fort, but other than that, there wasn't much.  Even stretching, and trying to find "winter" or "holiday" cereals, the shelves were pretty dry.


Today, I was able to find one last minute addition to the season's assortment.  Instead of being in the cereal section, Target had tucked this away next to Christmas cookie decorations in their seasonal section.  But fear not, because it didn't remain hidden forever!



Sugar Cookie Pebbles, or Pebbles - Sugar Cookie Flavored, depending on how you want to read the packaging, is Post's latest "Limited Edition" cereal.  This makes sense, since it would be odd to see a box of cereal with Pebbles and Bam Bam wearing gloves and earmuffs during the summer.


When I saw "sugar cookie", I was expecting it to taste like an industrial-strength version of "frosted" cereals.  Rice Krispies Treats Cereal exposed to TCRI mutagen.


Opening the box, my theories were confirmed.  It had a sugar / "frosting" flavor that was so strong, it was almost disgusting.  The scent would put those horrifying "Christmas Cookie", etc. Yankee Candles to shame, or at the very least make those seem subtle by comparison.



The smell didn't exactly entice me to eat the cereal, but for science, and all, I soldiered on.


Surprisingly, and more accurately thankfully, the taste is nowhere near as strong as the smell.  The smell also dissipates greatly in the bowl, rather than coming from the smell-funnel of the box.


Taste-wise, it's about what you'd expect.  Rice Krispies Treats Cereal, or any "sugar" or most "vanilla" flavored cereals taste about the same.


Except with this, it comes in Pebble form.  Which means being vigilant and constantly scraping down the sides of your bowl to keep the cereal in the milk.  Otherwise they will harden and permanently affix themselves to your bowl, possibly forever.


Thanks, Post, for doing your part and giving us a seasonal cereal.  It was pretty good.


Merry Christmas to everyone - don't look at the bottom of the box in the first picture, or it will spoil the surprise that I am getting you a valuable seventy five cent discount off cereal for your present.


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