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I don't have any sort of clever introduction for this review.  Well, I don't think I've ever actually had a clever introduction to any review.  I just mean that I don't feel like putting much effort into this.


Which is probably getting this started on the wrong foot, I do realize.  What I mean is that this cereal is a dull shape, and revolves around a theme I don't care about at all.  Aren't you excited to read on?


Kellogg's Vrooms cereal is a car racing-themed cereal, and to prove how authentic it is the boxes have cars and people who apparently are famous for driving them.  I apologize.  I know that description sounds obnoxious - I just have no interest in car racing.  I'm sure I'd get excited about an NHL cereal, and someone else would write about it talking about their hockey bats.


There were a few choices for people on the box, and I went with this guy:



There were a couple major factors in deciding to go with him.  He had the coolest name of the bunch - Dario Franchitti.  His name also goes perfectly with the other reason I chose him.  He has that strong Italian look, where I could easily picture him driving around the track, yelling like Wario.  The fact that his name is so similar is just a glorious coincidence.  But picturing him yelling, "I'm-a Dario, I'm-a gonna win!" made him my favorite box cover star.


Also, that car is cooler than the other cars they had.


There's not too much fun to be had on the box itself.  There's a fleeting moment of excitement when you think there's a green shell in the driver's seat, but then you realize it's just a helmet.



On the back of the box there's a word search, and Dario tells the story about he became interested in a-winning.  It fails to mention whether or not he can make the jump in Rainbow Road.


And for those of you who are still doubting his Wario Ways, ahem:



The cereal itself isn't very interesting.  At first glance, it looks like USA Cheerios without the blue.  Upon closer inspection, the shape of the O's look different than normal Cheerios.  This is, of course, also ignoring the fact that Kellogg's doesn't even make Cheerios.  They are a little flatter on the inside, almost like an actual tire shape.  Unless I'm giving them too much credit, and imagining things.  But if this was on purpose, well done.



The flavor of the cereal is a surprising, new taste experience.  It's hard to describe the actual flavor, because it's a well-blended mixture of various fruits, spices, and...


Wait, no.  It's just Frosted Cheerios.


Which is fine, I really like Frosted Cheerios.  Except the little tire-shaped O's (I'm just going under the assumption they are tires at this point) don't have the same mouth feel as Cheerios.  They're smaller, and the shape doesn't lend to the same good bite as a normal Cheerio.  Nevertheless, it's an overall positive cereal experience.


I don't know how much longer Vrooms would be available, they're limited edition, after all.  Scroll up - it says so on the front of the box.  But if you happen to see it at Target, it's worth picking up a box.  I know that's not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I'm surprised enough that I wrote this much about a car racing-related product.



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