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For a longer introduction, feel free to read one of my other M&M's reviews, here, here, here, or even here.  I haven't even covered what seems like even a fraction of the new releases they've had over the past couple of years.  This is mostly because they put out new stuff at a bizarrely frequent rate, and I just can't muster the energy to review them all.



So, Candy Apple M&M's.  Oddly enough, from the time I saw these, bought them, and (right before I) ate them, I thought these were Caramel Apple M&M's.  Candy Apple sounds more interesting, despite apple always being a terrifying flavor proposition.  Would the shell be the "candy" and the chocolate be apple-y?  Or would the chocolate be candy apple-flavored?  I couldn't wait to find out!


Well, I could.  But I need to at least try to keep M&M reviews infused with a bit of fake enthusiasm.


Overall, the packaging is nice.  It's got the "sexy" M&M offering up a plate of candy apples, like some seductive version of the witch from Snow White.  Taking a candy apple off of a plate is a much nicer proposition, rather than attempting to remove the cellophane from one, while little pieces of the shell fall all over and affix themselves to you.


Also, the plaid along the edges is awesome.



Sticking with the candy apple theme, which makes sense since these are Candy Apple M&M's, the only two colors of the candy pieces are red and maroon.  It's not a super-exciting visual assortment.  Like most of the M&M's seasonal varieties, these candy pieces are the fatter pieces.



Flavor-wise, these are somewhat surprising, in that the apple flavor is very understated.  If I wasn't told what flavor these were supposed to be, I'd never be able to guess.  There's something else there, but it doesn't read apple or even an extra layer of "candied" sweetness.  I get some vague spiced flavors, but if I'm really stretching it reads more like "Apple Pie" than "Candy Apple".  But really, they taste like neither of those.


I liked these better than their Gingerbread or Pumpkin, but mostly because these just had less of a noxious "spiced" aspect to them.


So yay, I guess?


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