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Like the last article, in order to read this update you will have to take a magical journey to another site.  Now, when you happen to stumble upon this site, you can exclaim with overwhelming indifference, "Oh... an update." 


One important thing to note is even though the article went live on June 28, it still took me almost two weeks to update coke-babies with a link to the article.  Let me repeat that.  It took me almost two weeks to update this site with work that was already done


I hope I can shake this timing funk by the time I'm a father.  Otherwise I'll be putting together the crib when the kid is getting ready to go into fifth grade. 


Anyway... the new article is a wonderful experiment in what happens when you eat a bunch of questionable foods under the powerful hallucinogenic effects of the miracle berry.  Or miracle fruit.  I need to put both in order to suck up as much Google search result power as I can.  Also, the effects aren't hallucinogenic.  Although it can seem that way when you discover that you are eating lemons and drinking olive brine.


The experiment brought to you by mberry, who sponsored this event.  Okay, it wasn't actually sponsored at all.  I had to pay for it.  But I figured if I said I was sponsored I'd look cool like a NASCAR driver, and maybe get some free beef jerky.  Or Tide.  But the guys at mberry did contact me (they were faster to contact me than I was to update this site), and were very awesome, so that's almost the same as being sponsored.


Now, stop wasting time here and go over to to read the full exploits of...


The Miracle Berry Experiment.



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